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AKA Braeden Corr's Game Design Portfolio

About SQ2 Studios

SQ2 Studios is the brainchild of Braeden Corr, a solo game designer with a passion for crafting engaging and memorable gaming experiences. As the sole proprietor, Braeden brings his creative vision to life through carefully designed and finished products that are proudly shipped to the App Store and Google Play Store. SQ2 Studios is a testament to his dedication and commitment to the world of game design, where every project represents a labor of love and a quest for excellence.

Shipped Projects

Hat Dash

Immerse yourself in the stylish world of Hat Dash, where thrilling escapades meet jazz-infused beats! Take on the role of a nimble little hat and prepare to outrun a relentless floating head, ablaze with fiery determination. Can you stay ahead while the rhythm drives you forward?