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Hello there! I'm Braeden Corr, a game designer with a somewhat unconventional background. My journey through education has been a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure story - as life should be.

I initially ventured into mechanical engineering, but soon, I realized my passion was tied to enjoyable encounters, not just machines. My journey then led me through Geography and Aviation, where I 'conquered' the skies and gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the world below. From there I realized something was missing, a creative itch wasn't satisfied, and like finding a missing piece to a puzzle, I realized my true passion lay in creating unique and fun experiences.

My forte? Gameplay design. I firmly believe that great games are built on outstanding gameplay and their corresponding systems. I craft the mechanics that keep players engaged, orchestrate their journey, and revel in creating enjoyable challenges.

I've also explored game economy design, finding joy in balancing in-game systems to ensure player progression is fair and fun.

While my focus so far often centers on simpler games without flashy visuals, I specialize in crafting immersive gameplay experiences that resonate with players. It's not about graphics; it's about captivating interactive encounters.

My mission? To shape the future of gaming through innovative gameplay mechanics. I'm eager to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts who share my passion for designing games that captivate, challenge, and above all else, entertain.

Join me on this thrilling journey, where gameplay reigns supreme, and every decision enhances the player's experience. Together, we'll shape the future of gaming, one unforgettable element at a time.

I am the guy behind SQ2

2023 - Present

Additional Relevant Game Design Experience

CiviConnect - Unity/Scratch Curriculum Producer and Teacher

Developed and curated a comprehensive game design curriculum tailored for grades 8-10 students, with a primary focus on teaching game development using Unity and Scratch

2022 - 2023

Yaizy - Unity (Game Design) Teaching Fellow

Assisted the lead teacher with the online instruction of high school Unity game design classes

2022 - 2023

Flowstate Games - Blockchain Game Design Analyst

Conducted market research to document and examine various methodologies of approaching Web3 Gaming, such as Combinations of F2P and Web3 design, KYC Protocols, and On/Off Ramping

2022 - 2022

Defiance Games - Player Retention and Design Intern

Conducted market research, to determine effective user retention tactics, while demonstrating solid problem-solving abilities to increase retention metrics

2018 - 2020

SiegeGG - Game Stats Analyst

Analyzed Rainbow Six Siege Pro-League games to determine key statistics for each player within the assigned games, and documented the final statistics in spreadsheet format

Proficient With

Unity Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine, C++ and C# Programming, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, SQL, Solidity

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